The Ketogenic Diet | Best Way To Lose Weight

The main mechanism is that it helps the body to consume fat as a form of “fuel”, regardless of the activities they have, and get spectacular results in terms of pounds lost.

Why keto diet?

Because it’s impossible not to pay off (really good results) as long as basic rules are followed, and that:

1. have found links between this regime and the entry of certain types of cancers in remission;
2. lowers blood pressure and that users quickly lose pounds from the early days;
3. epilepsy patients response to certain drugs is improved;
4. allows diabetics to better control their daily food plan;

weight loss in 10 days - Ketogenic Diet - -The Ketogenic Diet  Best Way To Lose Weight

weight loss in 10 days – Ketogenic Diet – -The Ketogenic Diet Best Way To Lose Weight

The ketogenic diet seems to provide you long-term outcomes. The diet rules are. Losing weight process takes place in two stages. The first one is the attack phase whose length depends on how many pounds do you want to get rid of. You have to create a deficit of 500 kcal (eat 500 kcal less than you should eat to maintain your weight). In the first week you will notice a drastic decrease in bodyweight, then you start to lose 1-2 pound per week. After the first month, once a week, you can eat carbs, but you are not allowed to eat fat that day.

What are you allowed to eat and not?

You can eat hazelnuts, almonds raw seeds, nuts, and vegetable oils linseed, coconut, hemp, wheat germ. Also, avocados, olives, corn, sour cream, butter, coconut fat, bone, brain and liver. Proteins are also extremely important in this regime. Beef, pork, mutton, fish or fermented cheeses should be included in the menu. Fibres and carbohydrates should be consumed in limited quantities. Don’t forget about: lettuce, spinach, broccoli, cabbage, onions, green beans, tomatoes, cucumbers.

You are not allowed to eat: fruits, potatoes, dairy products that may contain unfermented lactose, honey, sugar, alcohol, fizzy drinks/carbonated beverage. In the attack phase are prohibited cereal foods, including bread, pasta, polenta.

Why this diet? What are the advantages of this diet?

Not only do you lose a considerable amount of weight in a short time, but you also do not have to bother calculating the intake every time you eat as many food groups are removed, so there are few choices to make. The disadvantages are many and serious as the diet is based on a high consumption of protein and fat, almost completely excluding carbohydrates, so a major deviation from a balanced diet. Significant contribution of protein induces high stress on the liver and kidneys. It can reach nutritional deficits and reduce the body’s defense capacity.

Tips&Tricks – Our pieces of advice

Drink plenty of water, even if it means to go to the toilet often. Residues resulting from the decomposition of fat cells need to be removed and the colon needs to be kept as clean as possible;

A reliable ally can be light drinks, cola type 0. No calories and can reduce cravings for sweet;

Every 7-10 days you can take a day break in order to recharge with carbohydrates and eat all you want without caloric limit. You get out of the state of ketosis, but you come up with fresh forces to relapse diet;

Avoid temptations. In other words, do not make candy supplies or bakery products, as you can easily fell into the trap. It would be a shame for the work you have done for a few minutes of pleasure out of the state of fat burning;

Carefully monitor daily food plan: it is very possible to hide certain types of carbohydrates in food, but if you put it on paper, hidden carbohydrates should come out;

Do not be worried about the acidity in the body. If the kidneys are perfectly healthy, then there will be problems. Indeed, ketogenic diet increases internal acidity, but not in alarming limits and not dangerous. To normalize the acidity, drink alkaline water as much as possible.

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