Clean shoes

What you need: Mild detergent, water, soft brush and a tub.

Procedure: We wash our clothes daily but somehow we never clean our daily footwear. A research conducted by University of Arizona revealed that there are 421,000 units of bacteria on the sole of your shoes, whereas the inner part can contain almost 2,887 bacteria; which can lead to infections and smelly feet. So what do you do?

To clean your shoes, you can soak and scrub them with mild detergent and a soft brush. Remember, clean shoes will ensure that your feet remain healthy and beautiful always.

Smart tip:
To keep your sneakers clean for a longer duration, always dab your feet and your socks with medicated powder before you hit the road.

Ketogenic_diet - Weight Loss in 10 days -Clean Shoes

Ketogenic_diet – Weight Loss in 10 days -Clean Shoes


Germ-free toenails

What you need: Nail cutter, nail filer, some lotion and nail paint.

Procedure: Taking care of your toenails is essential because they tend to accumulate bacteria. Grab a nail cutter and clip away your nails. Clean the ridges between your toes as dirt tends to gather there. Grab a filer and shape your nails. Apply some nail polish, slather on some lotion and you are good to go.

Smart tip: Follow this process every fortnight to keep your toe nails germ-free

Ketogenic_diet - Weight Loss in 10 days -Germ-free toenails

Ketogenic_diet – Weight Loss in 10 days -Germ-free toenails

Foot massage

What you need: A tub, warm water, petroleum jelly and socks.

Procedure: Soak your feet in warm water for about ten minutes. Then pat them dry gently. Your feet need not be completely dry; some moisture is good for them. Then grab some petroleum jelly and massage it all over your feet, for about five minutes to improve the blood circulation. Then wear a pair of comfy socks. Let the petroleum jelly work its magic overnight.

Ketogenic_diet - Weight Loss in 10 days -Foot Massage

Ketogenic_diet – Weight Loss in 10 days -Foot Massage

Smart tip: Wear socks at home, as they keep your feet warm and act as a miniature sauna for them.

Feather soft feet

Ketogenic_diet - Weight Loss in 10 day - Healthy Feet - Feather soft
What you need: Milk and rose petals.

Procedure: Soak your feet in warm milk for about 20 minutes and then wash it off with warm water. Milk contains lactic acid which improves the texture of your skin. You can add some rose petals to make your feet smell absolutely wonderful.

If you want to avoid wastage, you can grab a piece of cotton, soak it in warm milk and dab that on your feet.

Smart tip: Check the temperature of the milk on your palm to avoid scalding your feet.

Get rid of dead cells

Get rid of dead cells

What you need: Pumice stone.

Procedure: Everyday, scrub your feet with pumice stone for at least five minutes. Concentrate on toes and heels, and scrub gently. Pumice stone will help you get rid of dead cells from your feet and increase blood circulation.

Smart tip: Be careful while scrubbing with the stone. If you are too rough, your skin may tear and crack.