Right diet for your blood group

Dietician Deepika Aggarwal Katyal of Indraprastha Apollo Hospitals says that there are differences in our body chemistries based on blood type that determine what foods we digest optimally.  “Knowing your blood type, and eating and exercising according to it, is the key to avoiding health and weight problems. For instance, type O- the oldest blood type, genetically speaking, indicates a need to eat meat every day because the earliest human populations were hunter-gatherers. Similarly, people with type A are descendants from agrarian cultures and hence vegetarian diet suits them best,” explains Katyal.

weight loss in 10 days - Ketogenic Diet - www.aiwo.com - Right diet for your blood group

weight loss in 10 days – Ketogenic Diet – http://www.aiwo.com – Right diet for your blood group

O: People with this blood type are usually focused, energetic and organized. If your blood group is O, then your diet should comprise lean meat, chicken or fish (like bass, cod, halibut, sole and rainbow trout), seafood and salt (in moderation), which lowers the levels of iodine, giving you optimal thyroid function. Avoid too much of dairy products such as milk, butter or cheese, and even carbs including wheat and wheat-based food products. Engage in regular jogging, cycling and swimming.

A: People with this blood group are highly creative, sensitive and excellent problem-solvers. If you are a hardcore non-vegetarian though, there’s some bad news in here because the right diet for people with A blood type is vegetarian. Your diet must include nuts, seeds, cereals, pasta, fruit and vegetables. Cut down your sugar, caffeine and alcohol intake. Stress is a common problem with people of this blood group, so practice yoga, Tai Chi or simply go for long walks.

B: People with this blood type are usually relaxed and unconventional, and have unique individualistic traits. You need to eat a moderate diet — like a bit of everything. Fill up on leafy greens and vegetables, and also fruits including bananas, grapes, plums and pineapple. Meat, fish, coffee, vegetables and wheat-free grains are perfect for your diet. Go easy on nuts, corns, grains and processed food. Team sports or activities like basketball, dance classes are good for you.

AB: Equipped with great leadership qualities and a special interest for art are the usual character traits of people with this blood type. Go for a vegetable and fruit-rich diet with a variety of carbohydrates. Snack on fresh fruits including cherries, grapes, watermelon and figs. You can have non-vegetarian food too but more of seafood, salmon and tuna. Avoid all smoked and cured meats as well as chicken, beef, pork or shellfish. Steer clear of all caffeine and alcohol. Light jogging, yoga and calming exercises are good for you.

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